What Makes Six Pack Shortcuts Different From Other Abs Programs?


The biggest difference is that Six Pack Shortcuts was designed to help you burn your belly fat and get abs by maximizing the Afterburn Effect, where else other programs are not.

A second difference is that Six Pack Shortcuts also includes the Zero Willpower Eating System as a free bonus. Our eating system is unique because it’s designed to make healthy eating as simple, convenient, and cheap as possible.

You’ll spend LESS time cooking and cleaning then you do now, and you’ll spend LESS on food because the meals consist of simple whole foods.

And Mike Changs clients find it much easier to stick to than other diets that require you to count calories, cook complex meals, or follow convoluted nutrition rules.

The third key difference is that Six Pack Shortcuts is taught 100% through entertaining yet informative short videos.

That means that you won’t have to spend hours slogging through a boring ebook, and that you won’t have the impossible task of figuring out how to do exercises from sketchy pictures and text descriptions.

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How do I get the program? Is anything shipped to me?


The program is delivered through a series of short, entertaining, and easy to watch videos.

You’ll be accessing your training videos online through our members-only site. You can stream the videos instantly from anywhere with an internet connection – or you can download high quality versions to your computer that you’ll have permanently.

You will get Access instantly after purchase. You can buy it here.


I’m not from the USA, can I still get the program?


Yes! Since the program is delivered through our online clients-only site, you can access your videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Please note: this program is only available in English.

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