5 Minute Abs

5 minute Abs Total Workout

mike chang 5 minute abs workoutWhat’s up guys it’s Mike and this is an awesome 5 minute Abs workout to do.

I always try to do abs after every workout, super short 5 minute sometimes 10 minutes.

We’ve got situps that we’re going to do the without anybody holding your feet.

It’s actually pretty tough to do, if you can’t do those you can always go to crunches.

Either way reverse Abs crunches which is basically like a leg raise where you have your knees bent, V ups and then toe touches were going to do each one of these exercises 25 times, 25 reps.

So 25 reps before moving on, we’re going to do about 100 reps total and you are done with your abs workout.

So let’s get cranking.

Let’s go to situps, 25 reps. Let’s do it…

Watch Mike Changs 5 Minute Abs Workout Video Below: